Sapphire windows on a red table in front of a photo of a flying plane.

Custom fabricated large sapphire windows for use in protecting electronic sensors and vison systems on the outboard surface of aircraft and drones have been introduced by Meller Optics, Inc. of Providence, Rhode Island.

Meller Large Sapphire Windows exhibit Mohs 9 hardness which is second only to diamond and are optically clear to provide a protective outer surface for electronic sensors and vison systems. Fabricated in different shapes and sizes up to 10” dia., depending upon the diameter to thickness aspect ratio, they feature transmission from the UV to IR (270 nm to 4.7 microns).

Exhibiting flatness to 1/10th wave in the visible and less than 2 arc sec. in/in. parallelism with finishes from 60-40 to 40-20 scratch-dig, depending upon size and construction, Meller Large Sapphire Windows can withstand fast moving dirt, sand, water, and most chemicals. Sapphire domes and hyper-hemispherical sapphire domes for 360 degree viewing are also offered.

Meller Large Sapphire Windows are priced according to configuration and quantity. Price quotations are available upon request.