Meller Optics Crest

1921 Was an Amazing Year at Meller Optics

Meller Optics was established as Adolf Meller Company in 1921 located in Providence, Rhode Island to serve the jewelry industry, manufacturing hard crystalline materials such as ruby …
Meller Optics Location

1937 – Larger Facility

Adolf Meller Company quickly grew out of its valley street location, and moved to Corliss Street in Providence in 1937, persevering through economic hardships of the …
The Highest Quality Sapphire Windows

1960 – NASA’s Ruby Rod

In the early 1960’s MIT Labs was attempting to precisely measure the distance from the surface of the earth to the moon for NASA. Meller was …
Meller Sapphire Domes

1970 – Sapphire prototype

Meller Optics Designed prototype sapphire internal optics for newly developed IR Missile Technology. For more info visit Meller Optics online:
Tomahawk Cruise Missile

1980 – Tomahawk Cruise Missile

Meller Optics manufactured the windows for the Tomahawk missiles navigation systems, as well as the internal sapphire optics for the stinger missile. For more info visit …
sapphire domes Missile

1990 – Sapphire Domes

1990’s:  Meller Optics was asked to design a prototype sapphire domes for the ASRAAM and SM-2MR Block III (MHIP) Missile. For more info visit Meller Optics …
The Kepler Telescope

2000 – Kepler Telescope

In 2000 – Meller Optics produced the Sapphire Lens Array for the Kepler Space Telescope. For more info on products & services, visit Meller Optics online: …