Microlux Fine Alumina

Calcined from High Purity feed materiaL Microlux Alumina is produced to exacting specifications to assure you, our customer. of the finest Alumina available today!

Microlux is produced in two grades:

REGULAR GRADE… MICROLUX-R Alumina tends to have larger particles due to the agglomeration of smaller particles. For this reason, it has been the choice of Optical Technicians and Metallurgists for over 25 y years. Microlux Regular Alumina starts off as a very aggressive grinding and lapping medium that cuts ver quickly; however, because of its composition, it breaks down readily under pressure to provide excellent final lapped or polished surfaces.

Microlux Regular Grade Alumina has also found use in filler, filter, metal separation, and a wide range of other applications.

DEAGGLOMERATED GRADE … MICROLUX-RZ Alumina has a highly controlled particle distribution produced by a proprietary separation process that delivers particles that retain their fine dispersion over years of shelf life while maintaining its high puriry and the unique characteristics of each platelet.

Although originally created for high-purity ceramic applications. Microlux-RZ bas found its greatest usage as a fine grinding and polishing medium when used in conjunction with large micron grinding medium. Microlux-RZ has been especially successful for ultrafine polishing of semisoft crystalline and composite materials.

Microlux-RZ is also used as a filler for magnetic medium, plastics, binders, strengthening composite materials, armour, and for ultrapure ceramic applications where packing density is critical. Microlux Alumina is packaged in 5 lb. plastic bags placed in protective cardboard containers, or in convenient 1lb. plastic jars.

Microlux Fine Alumina