Gugolz polishing pitch

A line of petroleum-free, optical polishing pitch that can be selected and mixed, if necessary, for precisely lapping virtually any type of optics is available from Meller Optics, Inc. of Providence, Rhode Island.

Meller’s Gulgolz Optical Polishing Pitch is formulated to help to prevent contamination of the polishing media and substrates.  Featuring five grades from very-soft to very-hard with melting points from 52°C to 87°C, this pitch is ready to use without screening, filtering, or mixing additives.

Suitable for use with virtually any optical material, Meller’s Gulgolz Optical Polishing Pitch lets users simply slice the amount they need, melt it and pour to achieve their desired hardness grade.  Contributing to a superior surface finish, this petroleum-free, high-purity pitch can be used for blocking, lapping, and polishing applications.

Meller’s Gulgolz Optical Polishing Pitch is priced per 1 kg container; offered in boxes of 12 containers.