Diameter Tolerance:

Thickness Tolerance:

Clear Aperture:

Centering Error:

Surface Quality:

Focal Length Tolerance:


Optical grade single crystal sapphire

C-axis perpendicular to the faces

+/- 0.25 mm

+/- 0.20mm

Central 80% of the diameter

3 arc minutes maximum

60-40 scratch-dig per MIL-O-13830A

+/- 5% at .6328µm

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  • IR laser Beamsteering optics
  • Imaging optics
  • Chemical & erosion resistant front surface optics
  • Focusing Optics

Various Configurations can be custom fabricated to customer requirements and specifications

Below you will find our offering of overstock sapphire lenses. Sapphire Lenses are typically custom fabricated to customer specifications, where manufacturing lead time can be 2-3 weeks. Please call the factory for expedited delivery or quantity discounts.

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Catalog No.: SCD3725-02A Description: More info QOH: 3 Price: $220