C - Axis Sapphire Windows


MSW Series plane parallel c-axis sapphire windows are an economical choice for a variety of optical, mechanical and electronic applications. Their high transmissions, strength, chemical inertness, wear resistance, temperature stability, and low cost makes them ideal for use in high volume production applications such as:

  • High intensity UV lamp
  • Endoscopic components
  • Medical & Industrial gas analysis
  • Furnace view ports
  • Cryogenic view ports
  • UV, Visible & IR windows and cover slides
  • Pressure & Detection cells
  • Bar Code Readers
  • Photodiodes

We maintain a substantial inventory of c-axis sapphire windows and most are available for shipment from stock. For more demanding applications, we offer Optical and Laser Quality Windows.

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Material: IR grade single crystal sapphire
Orientation: C-Axis
Diameter Tolerance: Through 1.0″ ± 0.002″, over 1.0″ +/- 0.004″
Thickness Tolerance: Through 1.0″ ± 0.002″ , over 1.0″ +/- 0.004″
Clear Aperture: Central 90% of the diameter
Parallelism: 3 arc minutes
Surface Quality: 80-50 scratch-dig per MIL-O-13830A
Flatness: 10 λ per inch at 0.633µm

For further technical information, please see the Sapphire Index of Refraction Datasheet

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