Meller Sapphire Windows feature Mohs 9 hardness (second only to diamond) to enable them to withstand fast moving dirt, sand, and saltwater, and can be custom fabricated to match precise design requirements. Ideal for providing front surface protection, they are available with multi-spectral antireflective coatings that can meet salt fog requirements. Various Configurations can be custom fabricated and coated to customer requirements and specifications.


Plane parallel IR quality sapphire windows are an economical choice for a variety of optical, mechanical and electronic applications. Their high transmissions, strength, chemical inertness, wear resistance, temperature stability, and low cost makes them ideal for use in high volume production applications.


Plane parallel optical quality sapphire windows are designed for more demanding optical applications where image quality and birefringence effects are important. The raw material has negligible lattice distortion and is oriented with the optical axis normal to the faces to minimize the inherent birefringent properties of single crystal sapphire.


Plane parallel laser quality sapphire windows are designed for use in critical optical and laser applications where image quality and birefringence effects are important. The raw material has minimal lattice distortion and is oriented with the optic axis normal to the faces to minimize the inherent birefringent properties of single crystal sapphire. Flatness and surface finish are optimized to provide for the least amount of error in the transmitted wave front.


Single Crystal Sapphire substrates are ideal for epitaxial deposition of GaN and other III-V and II-VI thin-films for use in the manufacture of bright blue and green LED’s. C-axis [0001] oriented wafers are available in the sizes shown below. One side is highly polished to 1 nm or less and the second side is either fine ground or optically polished. The parts are available in lots of 10 or 25 in cassettes packaged in Class-100 clean room under nitrogen and are EPI ready.


Optical grade sapphire lenses are manufactured from optical grade grown sapphire. Monocrystalline sapphire is slightly birefringent. The lenses are available in positive and negative configurations. This series of sapphire lenses is currently in limited production. Please consult the factory for availability. Other diameters and focal lengths may be special ordered. We can also supply parts with anti-reflection and other thin film coatings.


Meller Optics carries a line of stock and custom multiple order waveplates in single crystal quartz and sapphire. With these two materials, Meller Optics offers polarization solutions from the visible to 4.7 µm.


Precision manufactured sapphire balls are inventoried in a wide variety of sizes. These spheres are manufactured to A.F.B.M.A. Grade 25 standards and are also available in Ruby for enhanced visibility. The basic diameter tolerance is +/- 0.0001″ with a tolerance of 0.00005″ on spheres from the same lot. Series MSB spheres can also be ground and polished in half or to a specific diameter and center thickness to make an inexpensive plano-convex lens. Most sizes below are in inventory. Other sizes can be special ordered.


Meller Optics now offers a variety of custom multiple-hole sapphire wafer carriers for processing of GaAs, Indium Phosphide, Silicon and other semiconductors. Sapphire is the material of choice due to its durability, transparency, hardness and chemical and scratch resistance.


Our custom fabrication capabilities include the manufacture of tight-tolerance optics of all kinds, utilizing a full range of ultraviolet, visible, and infrared materials. In addition to providing our standard, off-the-shelf products, we take delicate, difficult to work with optical materials and fabricate functional components that meet your exacting specifications.

At Meller Optics, our tradition of excellence began in 1921, as the Adolf Meller Company, by manufacturing hard crystalline materials such as ruby and sapphire for the jewelry industry and eventually as jewel bearings to the U.S. Government. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that we have refined our skills, knowledge, production, and quality assurance techniques over these more than 80 years to become the industry leader in the production and custom fabrication of sapphire optical components. Please follow this link and fill out the form and one of our sales associates will contact you with a quote.