Sapphire Windows, Lenses, Domes, and Prisms

Meller Optics – Masters of Sapphire has a rich history of precision optics fabrication and “Over 100 Years of Quality” and specializes in sapphire windows, lenses, domes and prisms.

Our capabilities include 5-Axis CNC machining, surface grinding, double and single side polishing, X-ray crystal analysis, interferometric measurement and surface roughness analysis. As experts of sapphire fabrication, Meller Optics is at the forefront in the manufacturing of high tolerance laser, military, industrial and medical optics, utilizing a full range of UV, visible and IR materials.

Meller Optics is committed to delivering products as specified, and on time – continuing to uphold our reputation as The Masters of Sapphire Fabrication.

The Masters of Sapphire Fabrication
The Masters of Sapphire Fabrication

American Made Since 1921

Meller Optics has been located in Providence RI since 1921 and after 3 generations, it is truly a family owned business.

Meller Optics is committed to its customer’s success by delivering products and services of the highest quality through training, continuous improvement, total quality management and commitment to the Six Sigma Philosophy.

Measure, analyze, improve and control. The formula that helped them become The Masters of Sapphire Fabrication.

Meller is also a distributor of optical polishing supplies including gugolz pitch, alumina powders, colloidal silica and alumina slurries.


What’s New in Optics:

ISO 9001:2015 Registered – ITAR Registered – Made in the USA


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