Meller Optics – Precision Optics for 100 Years

Meller Optics has been providing high quality optics to defense, medical, laser and industrial markets. Established in Providence, Rhode Island in 1921, Meller Optics has built a reputation for delivering superior products – on time, as specified, and within budget!

Specializing in grinding and polishing of hard, durable materials such as Sapphire, Meller Optics has also developed high-speed, low-cost finishing processes for a variety of Zinc Selenide, and Ceramic materials. Configurations include sapphire windows, sapphire lenses, sapphire domes, and sapphire prisms. Meller Optics, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, also supplies quality Microlux Alumina polishing abrasives and Gugolz optical polishing pitch.

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Meller Sapphire Windows feature Mohs 9 hardness (second only to diamond) to enable them to withstand fast moving dirt, sand, and saltwater, and can be custom fabricated to match precise design requirements. Ideal for providing front surface protection, they are available with multi-spectral antireflective coatings that can meet salt fog requirements. Various Configurations can be custom fabricated and coated to customer requirements and specifications.