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Standard Quality

Sapphire Windows

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Superior Quality

Sapphire Windows

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High-Precision Quality

Sapphire Windows

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Sapphire Domes

Custom fabricated to your specifications

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Discount Overrun Optics

Shop high precision optics at discounted rates.

These parts were made for various projects and are ready to ship from our warehouse.

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More Categories

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Sapphire Lenses

  • Optical Grade Sapphire
  • Monocrystalline
  • Slightly Birefringent
  • Positive and negative configurations
sapphire prisms from Meller Optics
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Sapphire Prisms

  • Custom fabricated
  • Various configurations available



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Precision Balls

  • Available in Sapphire and Ruby
  • Surface Quality: Ra < 0.01µm
  • Used as bearings, in metrology and more
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Wafer Carriers

  • Optical Grade Sapphire
  • Diameters from 2″ to 6″
  • Flats and laser marking available
  • Custom perforation holes
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  • Sapphire & Quartz
  • Multiple order quarter wave and half wave
  • Anti-reflective coated or broadband AR coating


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Microlux Alumina

  • Calcined from high-purity feed material
  • Regular and Deagglomerated Grade
  • Packaged in 5lb plastic bags
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Gugolz Pitch

  • Premium grade optical polishing pitch
  • Available in 5 hardness grades
  • Can be mixed to intermediate degrees
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Custom Fabrication

  • Tight tolerance optics of all kinds
  • Ultraviolet, visible, and infrared materials
  • Functional components that meet your exacting specifications

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