Material Quality: Optical Grade, produce by either the Kyropoulos Method or Heat Exchange Method

Crystallographic Orientation: c-Plane

Diameter Tolerance: + 0.00mm / - 0.10mm

Thickness Tolerance: + / - 0.10mm

Parallelism: 2 Arc Seconds Maximum

Transmitted Wavefront Error: 1/10 Wave Maximum @ 633 nanometers

Surface Quality: 10-5 per MIL-PRF-13830

Clear Aperture: Central 90% of Diameter Face

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  • High-Precision Imaging Optics
  • Optical Flats / Etalons
  • Laser Mirror Substrates
  • Laser Beam Splitter Substrates
  • Laser Output Coupler Substrates

We maintain a substantial inventory of these “High-Precision Quality” sapphire windows and most are available for shipment from stock. For less demanding applications, we offer “Basic Quality” and “Precision Quality” sapphire windows. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE.

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Precision Sapphire Windows

Catalog No.DiameterThicknessQOHOrder
Catalog No.: MSLW050/020M Diameter: 0.500" Thickness: 2.0 mm QOH: 5
Catalog No.: MSLW050/030M Diameter: 0.500" Thickness: 3.0 mm QOH: 16
Catalog No.: MSLW075/020M Diameter: 0.750" Thickness: 2.0 mm QOH: 0 Contact Us
Catalog No.: MSLW075/030M Diameter: 0.750" Thickness: 3.0 mm QOH: 17
Catalog No.: MSLW100/030M Diameter: 1.000" Thickness: 3.0 mm QOH: 4
Catalog No.: MSLW150/040M Diameter: 1.500" Thickness: 4.0 mm QOH: 0 Contact Us
Catalog No.: MSLW200/050M Diameter: 2.000" Thickness: 5.0 mm QOH: 0 Contact Us