Specifications (Imperial) :

Material: Single crystal sapphire

Sphericity: 0.000025″

Basic Diameter Tolerance: +/-0.0001″

Surface Quality: Ra < 0.01 µm


Specifications (Metric) :

Material: Single crystal sapphire

Sphericity:  0.000625mm

Basic Diameter Tolerance:  +/- 0.00250mm

Surface Quality: Ra < 0.01 µm

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  • Ball bearings
  • Spacers in metrology applications
  • Check valve ball seats
  • Piston valve seats
  • Components in flow meters, bar code readers and fiber optics

Ruby balls are also available. Orders from stock typically ship in 3-5 days. Manufacturing lead time can be 2-3 weeks. Please call the factory for expedited delivery or quantity discounts.

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Sapphire Precision Balls

Catalog No.Nominal SizePriceOrder
Catalog No.: IMSB015D Nominal Size: 1/64" Price: $30.00
Catalog No.: IMSB031D Nominal Size: 1/32" Price: $30.00
Catalog No.: IMSB063D Nominal Size: 1/16" Price: $30.00
Catalog No.: IMSB094D Nominal Size: 3/32" Price: $30.00
Catalog No.: IMSB125D Nominal Size: 1/8" Price: $30.00
Catalog No.: IMSB156D Nominal Size: 5/32" Price: $35.00
Catalog No.: IMSB188D Nominal Size: 3/16" Price: $40.00
Catalog No.: IMSB219D Nominal Size: 7/32" Price: $45.00
Catalog No.: IMSB250D Nominal Size: 1/4" Price: $55.00
Catalog No.: IMSB281D Nominal Size: 9/32" Price: $70.00
Catalog No.: IMSB313D Nominal Size: 5/16" Price: $75.00
Catalog No.: IMSB375D Nominal Size: 3/8" Price: $125.00