Sapphire Windows

MSLW Series plane parallel windows are designed for use in critical optical and laser applications where image quality and birefrin­gence effects are important. The raw material has minimal lattice distortion and is oriented with the optic axis normal to the faces to minimize the inherent birefringent properties of single crystal sapphire.  Download PDF

Sapphire Precision Balls

Series MSB precision manufactured sapphire balls are inventoried in a wide variety of sizes. These spheres are manufactured to A.F.B.M. A. Grade 25 standards and are also available in Ruby for enhanced visibility. Download PDF

Sapphire Waveplates

Sapphire waveplates are a unique alternative to crystalline quartz for rugged visible and JR polariza­tion control components. Sapphire is a tough bire­fringent crystalline material that has useful transmis­sion from .25 to 4.7 microns. Download PDF

IR Sapphire Windows

MSW Series plane parallel sapphire windows are an economical choice for a variety of optical, mechanical and electronic applications. Download PDF

Optical Sapphire Windows

MSPW series plane parallel sapphire windows are designed for more demanding optical ap­plications where image quality and birefrin­gence effects are important. Download PDF

Gugolz Optical Lapping Pitch

Meller Optics, Inc., formerly Adolf Meller Co., has specialized in fabricating Quality Optical and Laser Materials for UV and IR applications for over 55 years. Download PDF

Microlux Fine Alumina

Calcined from High Purity feed materiaL Microlux Alumina is produced to exacting specifications to assure you, our customer. of the finest Alumina available today! Download PDF


Meller Optics specializes in the manufacture of optical and electro-optical components utilizing the widest range of optical materials in the industry. From the hardest sapphire and ruby to the softest laser glass, Meller Optics, formerly Adolf Meller Company, has been a trusted supplier of quality optics to the Laser, Medical, Defense, Detector, and Sensor industries for over 70 years. 


Meller Optics manufactures plane, wedged, or tapered windows and square or rectangular substrates using over 30 different types of materials in prototype to production quantities.


Manufactured from the same fine materials as our windows, Meller Optics utilizes state-of-the-art CNC machining technology to produce lenses and near-hemispherical domes to exact specifications.


Meller Optics now supplies a full range of coated custom beam-handling optics for high and low power laser applications. Products include precision optical filters, mirrors, reflectors and beamsplitters.


  • Sapphire Retardation Plates
  • Ultraflat and parallel Sapphire and Quartz wafer carriers for mounting of thin semiconductor materials including GaN for Blue LEDs
  • Sapphire Optical flats and spacers
  • Quartz and Sapphire Centrifuge Cell Windows
  • Precision Balls and Ball Lenses of Sapphire, Quartz, and Glass
  • Quality Microlux Alumina abrasives
  • Gugolz optical polishing pitch