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Catalog No.: SCD3287-10B
1.750" X 1.750" X 0.750"THK.
Description: More info QOH: 1 Price: $2500
Catalog No.: SCD4443-01A
Length: 0.375″+/-.005″ Width: 0.315″+/-.005″ Thickness: 0.079″+/-.002″ Corner Bevels: None, Not Allowed Edge Bevels: None, Not Allowed Parallelism: Not Specfied Flatness: Not Specified Surface Quality: 80-50 Per MIL-PRF-13830, Both Faces Material Type / Quality: Sapphire, Optical Grade Crystallographic Orientation: Random Coating: Antireflective Coated for < 0.25% Reflectance at 940nm With a Normal Incidence Angle, Applied to [...]
Description: More info QOH: 4 Price: $250.00