An array of custom sapphire optics in various configurations on a blue background.

Custom fabricated sapphire lenses, windows, and domes that can incorporate bevels, chamfers, flats, grooves, holes, radii, steps, wedges, and multiple features are being introduced by Meller Optics, Inc. of Providence, RI.

Meller Custom Sapphire Optics are ideal for applications requiring a robust lens, window, or dome that transmits from the UV to IR (270 nm to 4.7 µm). Featuring Mohs 9 hardness which is second only to diamond, they can include polished radii to prevent stress, chipping, and cracking along with bevels, chamfers, flats, grooves, holes, radii, steps, and wedges to 6.5º ±1 min.

Manufactured to OEM specifications, Meller Custom Sapphire Optics can meet ±0.002” tolerances on special features, depending upon configuration and major surfaces can be polished to 10-5 scratch-dig. Roughness can be ≤0.3 rm RA, and flatness can be held to 0.5 fringes HeNe. Applications include UAVs, UUVs, drones, aerospace, military, and machine inspection.

Meller Custom Sapphire Optics are priced according to configuration and quantity. Price quotations are available upon request.